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  1. Classes consist of small groups of 3-7 students. (5 pupils on average).
  2. The groups are homogeneous and each student is part of a course based on scores from the previous class and the specific ranking tests assigned by Diakrotima Schools.
  3. The course lasts for 60 minutes with a 10-minute break every 2 hours when we change subjects. That is the daily schedule of Diakrotima (4 hours of practice). It includes a 10-minute break and not 4 breaks.
  4. There are brief tests in class, three-hour tests every other Saturday and a special preparatory course during Christmas and Easter holidays. Student participation is mandatory.
  5. Books especially prepared by Diakrotima editions and extra supportive material (CD-slides) are received by the students in the first ten days after registration.
  6. Class and student cards show the students’ performance. So, a daily picture of the students’ performance is always available.
  7. Career Orientation Workshops with specific guidance tests to help the students choose the direction and the schools that suit them after they have discussed with the Director of the School.